Westford Cushion

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- Most chairs, including your luxurious couches costly sofas and expensive office chairs, are not designed for long hours of sitting. Anyone who spends long hours in a seated posture, often experiences the sensation of numbness in one or both of their limbs. Usually this is due to poor blood circulation to their legs. This feeling of numbness can last for until the person is able to get up and stretch his/her limbs. - The impaired blood circulation to the legs area is usually caused by pressure points created by the seat, as most chairs are not designed to evenly support the upper body weight. - In extreme cases, this can cause more serious conditions such as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), a condition in which blood clots form deep within the body, usually originated in the legs and can lead to pulmonary embolism, a condition that occurs when an artery in your lung becomes blocked. The WESTFORD Cushion Can Be Of Greater Benefit To The Following People: - Professionals who work long hours in the office - Yoga Practitioner - Stockbroker, Financial Analyst, Auditor, Lawyer, - Judge Net surfer - Seamstress Taxi driver, Cab driver, Bus Driver, - Truck driver - Production worker - Piles, Hemorrhoids Patient - Anyone who is bedridden (even for a day or more) due to surgery, injuries, etc - Pregnant woman, Expectant Mother or Mother To-Be - Diabetic, Elderly - Anyone with a history of thrombosis Anyone - who has just undergone surgery - Wheelchair Bound Patient.


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Sitting Long Hours Can Damage Your Health! Discover How An Amazing Affordable Westford Cushion Can Help To Reduce The Risk?

 Are You At Risk Of DVT ?
 Do You Drive For Long Hours ?
 Do You Find Yourself Struggling To Stay Focused Even On A Simple Desk Job?
 Do You Experience Sore Legs, Feel Tired And Fatigued After Work?
 Are You Confined To A Wheel chair ?
If so, you should take immediate action and seriously consider investing in a better seat cushion. A better seat cushion can provide greater upper body support and prevent lower back and spine injuries associated with bad sitting postures.
A better seat cushion can also help to improve blood circulation to the area of your legs and prevent numbness and alleviate the risk of blood clots.
Superior sitting comfort will result in better health, and ultimately translates to less stress and fatigue.
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