Terminals / Lugs

  • Copper Crimping Ring Terminals / lugs (Non-Insulated and Insulated)
  • Copper Crimping Ring Tongue Fork Terminals / lugs
  • Copper Crimping Pin Terminals / lugs (Non-Insulated and Insulated)
  • Copper Crimping Fork Terminals / lugs (Non-Insulated and Insulated)
  • Open Close Soldering Type Copper Ring Terminals / lugs
  • Copper Crimping End Sealing Ferrules
  • Copper Crimping End Sealing Insulated Ferrules
  • Soldering Type Copper Terminals / lugs
  • Aluminum Alloy Tubular Bi-metallic Terminals / lugs

Glands & Accessories

  • Single Compression Brass Cable Glands
  • Double Compression Brass Cable Glands
  • Flange Type Brass Cable Glands
  • BW Type Brass Glands
  • CW Type Brass Glands
  • A2 Type Brass Glands
  • Brass Earth Tags
  • E1w Type Glands
  • PVC Shrouds
  • Gland Kits


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